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Vanlife - Our last weeks in Sweden, Ice skating, Nature reserves and icy roads.

van in valadalen

We left Hans and Karins on New Year’s Eve to head west to Åre. Åre is a ski town in the middle of Sweden, we were told it was the place to be with people coming from the UK and Stockholm to spend their weekends skiing whilst staying in posh hotels and ski chalets so we thought we should give it a try and enjoy ourselves there and see in the new year in style.

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Vanlife Week 3 & 4 - Life on a Swedish farm

During our time in Sweden we had arranged to stay with a family via the website, It’s a great platform where like minded people can arrange to volunteer on farms, small holdings, hotels and various other projects around the world in return for accomodation and food. So we thought it would be a great way to experience Swedish life and learn more about the culture of Sweden.

our cottage

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