Anchor Knife Set - Large
Anchor Knife Set - Large Anchor Knife Set - Large

The set consists of a beautiful knife, handmade in Germany with the steel inlay of an anchor.

Stainless steel blade with a beautiful hand made leather holster for the knifes protection, including a belt loop.

The set also comes with Ballistol oil and a whetstone, to keep your knife nice and sharp.

If you're giving the knife as a gift to a friend make sure to remember, to have the receiving party "purchase" the set for a penny, so that the gift of a knife does not cut the band of your friendship.

18+ Will be sent using Royal Mail age verification Post. I.D Required on receipt.

Blade steel: Stainless steel 1.4034

Handle: Grenadilla

Total length: 183 mm

Erl/Liner material: Steel

Blade length: 80 mm

Handle length: 103 mm

Blade shape: Sheepfoot

Blade thickness: 3,0 mm

Locking type: Slipjoint

Accessories: with leather strap, Knife Holster Anchor natural, 1 bottle of Ballistol oil, 1 Belgian whetstone size 4

Material jaws: Steel