I don't know about you but I really struggle with lunches.. I either get to 3pm, realise I have got swept away in work and I have completely forgotten to eat or I try to be prepared but just end up making a very random salad (which don't get me wrong nine of out tens times this works out pretty well). Some days though I just want a bowl of hot goodness ready to go thats quick and easy.

Like most of my cooking I just make it up and hope for the best which is exactly how I discovered this soup. I also do try my very best to eat healthy and get lots of veggies into my diet but with this comes a lot of chopping, peeling and slicing which is why I like this recipe because very little is required yet its jam packed with goodness. Don't get me wrong when I have ample amounts of time, say a slow Sunday afternoon and I'm preparing a 'you've made another week' celebration meal then this practice can be highly therapeutic but mid week on a gloomy Wednesday it's another story. 

This recipe is incredibly simple which has been excellent whilst we have been moving into our new Henderson HQ. It was made once and then the leftovers went in the fridge to become two more heavenly lunches.



Warming Butternut Squash Soup
1 Red Onion 
2 Peeled Carrots 
1 Red Pepper (I like the sweet pointed variety) 
1 Butternut Squash
1 Tbsp. of Oil (I used Coconut Oil)
1 Clove of Garlic 
1 Tsp. of Turmeric
1 Tsp. of Cumin 
Half a Tsp. of Smoked Paprika 
Half a Tsp. of Chilli Flakes (you can add more or less)
700ml of Chicken or Vegetable Stock
100ml of Double Cream or Coconut milk 
Coriander (optional topping) 
Salt and Pepper to taste 




Pre heat your oven to 180 fan/Gas mark 4/350F and start by preparing your Vegetables. Peel and roughly chop all your veg making sure you remove all the Seeds and skin. Spread all your veg out onto a roasting tray and then spoon over the oil, I used coconut oil because its a lovely healthy fat and it also tastes great. Peel your garlic clove and place amongst all the other vegetables. 

Now you can add your spices, sprinkle over the roasting tray making sure it's well mixed and covering all your veg. 

Place roasting tray in the oven and let it roast for roughly 20 - 25 minutes. Taking it out every now and then and giving it a good mix to make sure everything is cooking evenly. 

Now your veg is lovely and roasted it needs to be blended with the 700ml of Stock. You can either do it the way I do by mixing the Veg and Stock together in a big pot and using a stick blender or you can stick it all in a normal blender and blend till smooth. 

Congrats you should now have a big pot of a beautifully smelling colourful soup. To give your soup a lovely creamy consistency I either lovingly stir in some Double Cream (if i'm feeling indulgent) but I do used tinned Coconut Milk, which adds flavour and compliments the Spices. 

I usually top mine with whatever I feel like, this time I fancied some Coriander, Chilli flakes and Black Pepper sprinkled on top. 

Grab a bowl, a big chunk of buttered bread, light a candle, sit back and enjoy what you have created.

           You should also have 1 or 2 servings for leftovers too! I clearly enjoyed mine!

If you have any suggestions, questions or would like to see more of this kind of thing from us then please leave us a comment below ✌️


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