Whether increasing online sales, improving your web presence or if you simply need your website re-vamping with new product photos, The Hendersons are now happy to offer our services to other small independent business who are looking to broaden their online horizons. 

We closed our high street store with the aim to expand our business online to follow our dreams of travelling full time, and after achieving our goals in late 2018 and spending 9 months on the road in our van we are now home and looking to help other small business expand their online presence creating an online brand worthy of the great products and services they offer.


We know the importance of having a good web presence, Instagram is one of the most used Social media platforms and it's one many small businesses struggle to grasp. 

We are able to tailor our services to fit your business, we will visit you on a weekly basis, be immersed in your business and our aim is to feel like one of the team, reflecting the news, happenings and new products or services you wish to share with new and existing followers. If you're a delicatessen that has specials or a new dish it's time your customers' heard about it, or if your a shop and need dynamic interactive stories you can let us create the online branch of your business.  

Product photography

In the world of online sales, showing your products or services in the best light is key, From vintage products to fashion shots we can create uniform product photos stylised to suit your business, to use both on your website along with photography of products being used or enjoyed for your social media and marketing campaigns. If you have a new range of products or simply would like a whole new range of product photographs, we can take care of that too.


Need a hand updating your website? Need some help writing content for new products or would like us to manage your ecommerce website on your behalf so all you need to do is keep on top of sales and stock? We have had plenty of experience in various ecommerce platforms and can help you master yours, if you would like to switch platforms or create a whole new website using an ecommerce platform we can take care of everything on your behalf.

Social Media.

Depending on your business, different social media platforms may suit you best, from Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest we are able to organise daily posts on your social media and run campaigns to suit your needs. Staying on top of social media can be hard work especially when juggling a business at the same time, we can take out all the stress to post daily updates on your behalf on your social platforms, With hashtags and engagement tailored to your brand.

Email marketing 

Need help building a email campaign for a January sale or would you like to send monthly or weekly emails using Mailchimp, we can help, with plenty of experience in email marketing we can help create campaigns tailored to your customers, Or if you would simply like to increase your email marketing lists we can help create pop ups on your online store.

If you would like to learn more about how we could help your small business, drop us an email at hello@thehendersonsshop.co.uk